Online marketing

Online Marketing : If you can’t find it Google it! Hey, did you check out the deals on Groupon? : These are the terms people talk in today. Top it off with the way the economy is headed. Wouldn’t marketeers want more results for less spent, that too with measurable results?

We use customized online marketing to convert shoppers to consumers with unbeatable deals and offers.How about being able to re-target the consumers when the consumption life cycle is supposed to have ended and they are ready for purchase again?  Also, let shoppers use cell phone /mobile devices to compare retailers’ prices and make the purchases, so you don’t loose them.

GEO Targeting: 

Reaching the prospects in the geographical areas where there is high potential will increase the ROI with 100% track-ability. This is what we recommend our retail business clients and also some corporates depending upon the their service capacity.


Gone are the days when measuring advertising effectiveness and ROI was another campaign in itself. We provide real time online access to our clients to be able to monitor the campaigns and flexibility to replace non performing campaigns with performing ones on just a click of the mouse.

Proximity Marketing

Ever thought of offering an incentive to the prospect when they are around your vicinity? Hit the iron when hot- Invite them with unbeatable offer and a greeting that they get compelled to visit. We help business with proximity marketing as and when required.


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