Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing:

What happens in Vegas- stays in VEGAS Youtube, Facebook, twitter, Pintrest……..; This is the Social Media Marketing.

In simple terms, social media marketing is word of mouth for the digital age, allowing customers to like, share and talk about brands, services and products.  However, the real power of social media is in its ability to create a community of people around your company and to engage this community.  If managed properly social media can drive sales, spread brand awareness and improve customer loyalty.

We can help you build a lasting and meaningful relationship with this community that allows you to motivate behavior, persuade and encourage.  The results are measurable and given the low costs involved we can deliver significant ROI.  We have had great results with campaigns going viral and generating substantial free consumer generated media.

The beauty of social media lies in its low cost, very effective, interactive and 100% measurable R.O.I. We top it up with great applications and games to gain consumers eyeball share to mind share to money share. Add to it our 20 in Language blogging capacity-reaching to the social interest groups becomes much easier.

Our team are not just great at IT, they are interesting, fun people based all over the World who are able to engage people in real life too.  We speak over 14 languages, come from different cultures and follow different religions, politics and sports.  In other words, we have the right people to engage with your target demographic.

Our social media marketing services include:

- Social Media Profile Creation & Management

- Social Media Optimization

- Measurement and Analytics

- Application development

- Video Marketing and Promotion

- Blog Content and Management

- Forum Discussions and Assessment

- Social apps

- Contests, games and other engagement tools




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